"The  procedure (flamecutting) is rather simple, but
doing it really well is often as much  of an art as
An interesting site that explains the art of
                                    flamecutting -
Some interesting steel-related links -
ASTM Specs
Myron Bowlng Auctions
The Snowplow News
A List of Our Competitors.
Check out how steel is made at the Case Western Reserve Historical
Society - Some beautiful Pics!
Some interesting non-work related
links to waste some time....
(save these for when the boss isn't around.....)
We are located on the Newburgh &
Southshore Railroad. Here's a collection
of photos of the Railroad from 1919.!
The Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area - Get some fresh air!
Track Lake Erie Vessels and more here.
Some of us Race Slotcars - Check it out!
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Check it out..
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This link has been acting up...
Haunted Places in Ohio - Boooo!
Icanhascheezburger? Fun! You
could spend dome time here...
There's a webcam on the Cleveland crib - 3
miles out in Lake Erie (any fishing boats out?)
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